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Earning a living
  Slater's Guide 3: more tradesmen of Rhayader, 1858  
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In Victorian times there were no plastics and glass was fairly expensive. Large quantities of liquid were therefore transported by barrel. The cooper in his workshop made wooden barrels. This was a very skilful and important job.

Drapers stocked cloth in large rolls. Many local people made their own clothes and would buy lengths of cloth from the draper.

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Even in Victorian times people liked to look their best. You can see two hairdressers working in Rhayader. Ordinary working people probably couldn't afford to visit them.

Travelling around took much longer by coach, so that people travelling on business would need to stay the night. Inns offered accommodation to these travellers, (and beer to local drinkers !)
The ironmongers provided all the day-to-day items like tools and pans.

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