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Earning a living
  Slater's Guide 4: more tradesmen of Rhayader, 1858  
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A milliner is a hat maker. This was a very important trade in Victorian times. If you look at Victorian photographs you will find that you rarely see anyone outside without a hat.

With horses being so important to transport the saddler, who made the saddles and tack, also had an important role.

Directory entry
  Directory entry

In Victorian times most clothes were made by local tailors, and not made in distant factories as they are now. There was also a thriving second-hand clothes market for poor people.

With no plastics in Victorian times, the role of the tanner was very important. He processed the animal skins to make them into leather.


The wheelwright was the skilled man who made cart wheels. With horse-drawn carts and coaches providing most local transport this was an important trade.

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