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  Kelly's Directory 2: Cwmdeuddwr tradesmen 1895  
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These are the tradesmen listed as living and working in Cwmdeuddwr towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign. (surnames first).

You expect to find gamekeepers and farm bailiffs working on the estates but there are some entries that show how things had changed in the area.

Mr Bond's grocery shop must be a new shop opened to serve the new community of workers and their families at the Elan Village.

Cwmdeuddwr tradesmen

It might seem unusual to find someone making gunpowder in such a remote spot. The Cotton Powder Company probably set up in the Elan Valley because it was safer being away from houses in case of an accident.
The huge construction project to build the dams would also have need lots of gunpowder for blasting away the rock and for quarrying building stone.

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