Llawryglyn Board School 9
Later Years

Like many rural schools in Powys, Llawryglyn School's wartime experience was that of playing host to evacuees, as noted in the School Log Book.

 Llawryglyn School
Log Book

These entries from 1942 read:-
"Head Teacher absent in afternoon on Home Guard duties.
Evacuated School occupied Dining Room."

Every male over 18 not serving in the armed forces was required to serve in the Home Guard, and after the fall of France it appeared that these units might indeed be called upon to defend their own communities, By 1942 the immediate threat of invasion had receded.
The Log Book does not record which school was evacuated to Llawryglyn but it is likely to have been a school from an urban area under threat of bombing. One can only imagine the culture shock experienced by town children brought away from their families to this remote and largely Welsh-speaking valley.

The end of an era
In 1912 the school had 82 pupils but by 1947 the number had dropped to 19. With the closure of the mines at Van and the decline in agriculture, whole families had moved away. Finally after 100 years of education in the valley the school closed on July 13th 1972. Below is the final log entry

  Powys County


The entry reads:-
"Over a hundred people attended a meeting at the school to mark the centenary and closure. Past pupils gave anecdotes of their school days and sang and recited. Present day pupils also gave items. Other speakers were Mr T.A.V. Evans, Director of Education; Mrs Como, ex-Headteacher, and Mrs Thomas on behalf of Trefeglwys School. The pupils were presented with inscribed Testaments. Refreshments were supplied and served by parents, staff and friends.
Presentations were made to the staff - Mrs G. Trow (Headmistress), Mrs Ceridwen Bennett (Head Cook), Mrs May Brunt (Caretaker), Mrs Ruth Ashton (Assistant Supervisor). The oldest ex-pupil present was Mr Tom Bennett, aged 90, who entered the school in 1887.
With great regret I record today the closure of Llawryglyn C.P. School. It was the first Board school in the county of Montgomeryshire. Opened May 14th 1873. Closed July 14th 1972.
Signed G. Trow

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