Llawryglyn Board School 2
The early years

  Early days
The extract from the School Log Book shown below records the opening of the school, and reads:-
"May 14th. School opened the Master Mr W.E. Exton commenced duty.
May 23rd. School increasing in numbers & making steady progress."

LLawryglyn School
Log Book

Extract from the school log book
  As with almost every other school in rural Powys, the early years were a struggle to establish regular attendence in the face of illness and the need for local poor families to send their children to work whenever there was an opportunity of an extra income. From almost the very beginning the Headmaster recorded absences for haymaking and the monthly meeting of the Calvinist Methodists.

  Powys County

  This extract reads:-
"Holiday today in consequence of the Monthly Meeting of the Calvinistic Methodists."
Mr Exton worked hard to establish his school and by 6th June he had 78 on his books and 92 by the 13th. all of these children were housed in just two small schoolrooms. 

around 1904.
From the
2nd edition
Ordnance Survey
6 inch map

Powys County

Llawryglyn around 1904
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