Llawryglyn Board School 7
A miserably cold room


Shivering children
As the 19th century neared its close the little school at Llawryglyn had become very much established at the heart of the community. Nevertheless there were still battles to be fought as Mr D.A. Jones, a new Headmaster coming to the school at that time, found.

Llawryglyn School
Log Book

Powys County

extract from the school log book
  Mr Jones' entry in the School Log Book (above) reads as follows:-
"Mr D. Jones Vice [Chairman of the School Board] called. I complained to him of a terrible draught coming from the belfry. A constant currant of air flows from one end of the room to the other increased by wind from under the front door. The room is miserably cold. I sent half-a-dozen children to the fire who were actually shivering. I also mentioned that the desks were very awkward. Much of our time is occupied, indeed wasted, in passing books and slates up and down."
  Mr Maldwyn Rees, author of Two Valleys, recalls in that volume that even as late as the 1920's young children had to trudge miles to the school in all weathers. He himself started at the school at nearly six years of age in 1924, his family being unwilling to allow him to face the two mile walk each way any earlier.
The draught problem was eventually cured by repairing and closing ventilators but the school faced problems with facilities for years and was eventually closed for 22 weeks in 1913 for major repair work and an extension. Even after this problems continued and at one point the school was without water for 14 months despite constant complaints.
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