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Mr Exton's difficulties

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Mr Maldwyn Rees

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William Exton faced many problems in those first few months whilst trying to establish full-time education. One of the most pressing of these was that of language. Inability to communicate effectively with his monoglot pupils may well have been behind his tendering his resignation to the local School Board. They appear to have recognised the great efforts he had made and persuaded him to stay. The school's first inspection, as recorded in the extract below from the School Log Book for the autumn of 1873, reflects this.

Llawryglyn School
Log Book

Powys County

Extract from log book 

The extract reads:-
"This excellent schoolroom with Master's house adjoining has been open about half a year. Considering the difficulties of language which the Master has had to encounter he has made a very fair start, and it may confidently be hoped that another year will see much progress."

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