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The influence of the chapels


Sacred and secular
In many remote valleys in Montgomeryshire it was the nonconformist chapels that met the spiritual needs of the community. In his book Two Valleys, Mr Maldwyn Rees, an ex-pupil of Llawryglyn School, confirms the importance of the chapels in valley life. The Head teachers of the school may have resented the chapels as a distraction from attendance at times, but gave way to chapel activities all the same. The entry below from the School Log Book records the activities of both the Llawryglyn chapels in October 1875.
Llawryglyn School
Log Book
entry from the log book
  The entry reads:-
"Holiday on Wednesday on account of Thanksgiving Meeting. School inspected today by Revd. R. Temple. Annual meeting of the Wesleyan Methodists tomorrow, in consequence of which the school has been closed till Monday."

County Archives

Capel Ebenezer

Capel Ebenezer, the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Llawryglyn, with the graveyard which holds many valley folk.

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Not long after the time of the above entry in the school log book, the school was inspected by one of Her Majesty's Inspectors. The Headmaster was praised in the inspection report foWesleyan Methodist Chapelr his progress but referred to as "a slave to routine" and encouraged to employ more varied teaching methods.
The singing was described as excellent but the HMI regretted the melodies did not include more native welsh tunes. The following year the children were taught Llwyn On and Morfa Rhuddlan.  

The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Llawryglyn behind which stood the shop and Post Office.(left)

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