Llawryglyn Board School 1
The first Board school in the county

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The floor of the valley
The tiny community of Llawryglyn ("the floor of the valley") is one of the more remote settlements in the Llanidloes district. It lies some six or seven miles north of Llanidloes at the head of the wooded valley of the River Trannon. Here the very first Board School in the old county of Montgomeryshire was opened in 1873.

From the
1st edition of the Ordnance Survey
1 inch map.

This gives an idea
of the local
topography and
the scattered nature
of the community
in Victorian times.

1" map of Llawryglyn (1836) 
  Heading from school log bookThe community at the time the school opened was almost exclusively Welsh speaking and mainly agricultural though there were lead mines nearby. The valley sides had much oak wood cover and the farms were largely situated above. For the children of farmers, farm labourers, lead miners and quarrymen the school offered full-time education for the first time.
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