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The Cambrian Factory

  On tenterhooks
The largest flannel mill in Llanidloes was the Cambrian Factory by the River Clywedog, built in 1852 by Thomas Jones senior and later extended by his son, also Thomas Jones, who built the Spring Mills factory shown on page 7 of this sequence.

Cambrian Factory

Photographs by
kind permission of
Llanidloes Museum

Cambrian Factory, c1885 

The early photograph above of the Cambrian Factory, which then employed about 250 workers, was taken around 1885. This view is of particular interest in showing the long stripsCambrian Factory staff, c1897 of finished flannel stretched out to dry on 'tenters' on the slopes behind the factory. (This practice was the origin of the term 'on tenterhooks'). The large pipe on the right was to carry smoke over the river away from the exposed flannel.

The Cambrian Factory was almost completely destroyed in a disastrous fire on 30th November,1889, the result of which is shown on the following page. The picture above is of some of the workers and their employers arranged on the terraced rackfield behind the rebuilt factory for a photograph around 1897.

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