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Llanidloes - the flannel makers 8
A portrait of the weavers

  The sheep came too
The group pictured below were employed as weavers in a small factory in High Street, Llanidloes owned by the Dakin Brothers, who also operated the Severn Side and Glynbrochan Mills shown on page 6 of this sequence.
The photograph was probably taken around 1891.

Llanidloes weavers

Photograph by
kind permission of
Llanidloes Museum

Llanidloes weavers,c1891 

The factory in the High Street had previously operated as a handloom weaving shop, and was converted for the use of steam-driven machinery.
It is interesting to note that the original source of the raw material for the production of flannel was also invited to join the group for this portrait !

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