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A softness of texture

  Fine soft flannel
Llanidloes and district and other areas of Montgomeryshire have played an important role in the history of the woven textile industry in Wales, which grew from a widespread farmhouse and cottage-based winter occupation into the industrial scale town-based operations of the 19th century.
The area had always been noted for the production of flannel, which was said to have "a softness of texture arising from the quality of the wool which renders them exceedingly well adapted to be worn next to the skin of the most delicate invalid".
The extract below is from the Parliamentary Gazetteer to England & Wales, published in 1843, and it highlights the former importance of flannel making to Llanidloes and district.

 From the
Gazetteer to
England and Wales

County Archives

Extract from Gazetteer of 1843 

In the early years of the trade many of the stages in the making of flannel were carried out in the homes of the workers, some of which had open upper floors to make room for handlooms. Purpose built weaving shops were to follow, and other processes were carried out in locations by rivers and streams in order to use water power.

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