Cwmbelan School 8
World War II


When war broke out in 1939 the government was only too aware that enemy aircraft could bring destruction to far off civilian populations. Cwmbelan received evacuees in the very first weeks of war,as recorded in the School Log Books.
Cwmbelan School
Log Books
  "School reopened after an extra weeks closure owing to outbreak of war. Admitted 10 evacuees."
These children were from a very different urban environment in Merseyside and must have found their new surroundings strange at first. More evacuees were admitted in 1941. It was a long time before some of them returned home, as the following entry from November 1944 reveals.

County Archives


"The following evacuees returned to Rock Ferry today, having been pupils here for 5 years - Gerald Walker, Samuel Walker, Violet Walker, Ivan Davies."

Wartime treats
For many children the war was something far off and difficult to understand, but all the pupils would have surely made the most of a treat like the visit of a War Savings Van, recorded in this entry from October 1943.


"The War Savings Van visited this afternoon and gave the children a Cinema Show."

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