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A reward for their labours


Her Majesty's Inspector
It is clear from the early extracts from the School Log Books that the first Headmaster, Mr Peters, was a very conscientious if relatively inexperienced teacher who took his responsibilities seriously in spite of the difficulties he faced. In May 1875 he was absent from school with "nervous disability" perhaps as a result - at least in part - of the stresses of the job.
In spite of these early trials the first inspection by Her Majesty's Inspector (a Mr Hughes), in October 1875, was a favourable one which recognised the difficulties Mr Peters had faced and acknowledged "tolerably good progress".

Cwmbelan School
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Log book extract

The above extract from 1875 reads:
"I gave a lesson to a Senior Class on "Tea" before him, with which he seemed to be very well satisfied. On Friday the 15th a Holiday was given by Mr Hughes to the children, according to the general custom, and both the pupils and Teacher thoroughly enjoyed it."

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