Cwmbelan School 7
The Great War


The call-up
Although the Western front was many miles from Montgomeryshire, many families lost loved ones in the carnage or lived in fear of losing them. The war reached out even to this little school as recorded in the School Log Book when the Headteacher Mr Hughes was summoned for service in 1917, and a new Head had to step in.

Cwmbelan School
Log Book

County Archives

Log book entry

"Whitsun Holidays. I have been called up for military service and to the best of my knowledge this is my last day in school. The school should therefore be opened by a new headteacher after the holidays.
School reopened this morning after holiday the attendance being low, when I took duties as temporary Head Teacher. E.S. Jones"

Compassionate leave
In October 1918, at the very end of the Great War, Cwmbelan's Headmaster Mr John Owain Ingram receives permission to leave the school in other hands for a few days.

  Log book entry

"Received sanction of Committee to be absent on Friday and Monday to visit my brother who has come to Cardiff Hospital wounded. Miss Davies takes charge during these days."

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