Cwmbelan School 3
Fearful state of the weather


Scanty attendance
The following entries from the School Log Book date from 1874 and 1875 and record a problem common to all rural schools until motor transport became common. Children as young as four or five often had to walk miles to get to and from school in bad weather. In the winter months this could also be in darkness. It is hardly surprising that parents anxious for their children's health would keep them away from school.
Cwmbelan School
Log Book
  The extract reads:-
"The weather has been wet and cold during this week which affected the attendance of pupils living at a distance."

County Archives

Log book extract

The entry reads:-
No new pupils - the attendance has been very scanty as on the previous week, which must be attributed I fancy to a great extent to the fearful state of the weather, the cold elements being in full operation.

Skipping school
The following entry dates from 1915 when the weather is still causing problems, but some absences can clearly be put down to more mischievous reasons.

  Log book extract 

"Only 31 children turned up this morning, which was wet, although the children that live at the further distance (Hafod draith) are present.
The attendance officer called today after an absence of three weeks.
Found that the four children of Gellifawr Uchaf played about in the fields instead of coming to school."

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