Cwmbelan School 5
1907: a difficult year


A death at the school
This must have been a particularly trying time for the Headteacher of Cwmbelan. First he had a very sad duty to undertake as this entry in the School Log Book for May that year reveals.
Cwmbelan School
Log Book
  "No school this day being Empire Day. Monday being Bank Holiday was also a Holiday. I am sorry to record the death of a Scholar this week, Samuel Davies, after a long and painful illness."
The following entry from 23rd December 1907 reveals a number of children already entering early into the Christmas spirit, and a teacher determined to make them pay.

County Archives

Log book entry

"Admitted one new pupil , the attendance has been exeedingly scanty, and to quote a favourite theatrical expression I may say "They'll be sorry for this". Broke up today for thr Xmas Vacation and dismissed rather early. Miss Stevens with Sewing as usual, but very few girls present."
Despite the Headmaster's anger, no-one turned up for school at all on the first day after the break.

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