Montgomeryshire Canal
  Before the railways came...  
Many people are working hard to restore this very attractive waterway, and some sections can already be used.
Most canals in Britain were built between 1761 and 1816, well before the Victorian age began in 1837. The Montgomeryshire Canal however, was not completed as far south as Newtown until 1821.
Canals were heavily used by the Victorians until the new steam railways took away most of their trade in carrying goods.
Like the road, and later the railway, the canal closely followed the valley of the River Severn between the hills of Montgomeryshire.
These pages tell you more about this once important canal.
Canal at Berriew
Berriew Aqueduct
on the Montgomeryshire
The Montgomeryshire Canal
Before the railways arrived
Carrying lime for the fields
From England to Wales
The canal passes Welshpool
South-west to Newtown
The canal builders
The canal aqueducts
Fast boats to catch the train

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