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Montgomeryshire Canal
  The canal continues to Newtown  

The last section of the Montgomeryshire Canal to be completed was known as the Western Branch.
This extended the canal by around 7 miles (11 kilometres) from the point at which the money ran out at Garthmyl to the intended destination of Newtown.
Part of this section can be seen on the 1794 map shown below. Garthmyl is not marked, but it is just to the south of Berriew.

Canal route
on a map
of 1794
Map of 1794 The original plan was to extend the canal from Llanymynech south-west to Newtown as a single project. But the Montgomeryshire Canal Company ran out of money so the canal ended at Garthmyl in 1797.
Some lime kilns and and wharf buildings were built there but it did not become a major settlement.
Canal Basin
on a map
of 1842

(far right)
Newtown, at the other end of this final section of the canal, grew rapidly from the early 1800s. The coming of the canal to Newtown in 1821 led to the building of many warehouses, wharf-houses, stables, and other facilities connected with trade on the new canal.
1842 tithe map

The 1842 tithe map above shows many of these buildings grouped around the Newtown Canal Basin. The River Severn is the wider blue waterway at bottom right.
The canal company built roads (tinted grey on the map) around the wharf areas, and the small circles alongside the road nearest the river mark the limekilns. There were over 20 of these at one time.

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