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  Constable Jones' Journal  
  In 1841 a police force for Montgomeryshire was created. This was the first time that a proper professional police force had been provided in the area.
Before this, law and order was kept by local parish constables. These were just local men required to undertake simple duties for one year. Many of these men did not want to do the job.

Montgomeryshire Police ConstableUnder the new Police Force, permanent Police Constables who had proper uniform and duties were based around the county. With no local senior officers to guide them they took their orders from the local Justices of the Peace. They must have walked many miles in the course of their duties, patrolling the villages in the area.

One of the first policemen to serve in the county was Police Constable Thomas Jones. He was based at Llanerfyl, but frequently came into Llanfair to help on market day.
Like all policemen, he was required to keep a Journal or diary of what he did each day. Every now and again a sergeant would visit him to check his notebook to see if he was doing his duty. His journal can tell us much about policing in the 1840's.
(See also pages on his time at Machynlleth and Llanidloes)

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