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Crime and punishment
  In a state of starvation!

Just as today, early Victorian Montgomeryshire was peaceful most of the time. PC Jones did have crimes to deal with though, and prisoners to escort to court at the Goat Inn or Montgomery. There were some jobs to do which he must have found unpleasant.

The entry from his journal below reminds us that these early Victorian times could be very hard indeed for the poorer people in society especially families with nobody who could work.
Justices of the Peace educated and property-owning men who ran the affairs of a county for the Queen.
  extract from PC Jones journal
  It reads:
"I was ordered by the Revd. S Richards to visite [visit] the house of Catharina Morris. The report was givien [given] that her & 4 children was in a state of starvation. I reported the surcumstances [circumstances] to the overseer of the Parish"
  This poor family would have been helped by the Overseer of the Poor who would have probably arranged for the family to go into the workhouse. (For more on workhouses go to the Workhouses section in the topics).
Notice that PC Jones took his orders from the vicar who was probably a Justice of the Peace. He did not have a Superior officer based anywhere near him. As you can see Constable Jones could read and write but like many of us today he had trouble with his spelling!
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