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By far the most frequent entry in PC Jones' journal is "Nothing to report". The area must have been quiet in these early Victorian times, and he spent a lot of his time checking up on strangers in the area.
The worry for local landowners was that strangers passing through might not be able to support themselves, and claim money from the local Overseers of the Poor. The local landowners all had to pay poor rate and they did not want this to increase, as it would if more people were claiming it.
In these times there were a lot of poorer tradesmen travelling to market on foot, and poor people travelling to look for work. PC Jones' journal records them.

  This entry records the people he found in lodging houses who were passing around Llanerfyl in October 1847. The entry reads:
"2 men & two women pedlers. One Hardware seller, one Book Seller one Hat Seller"
  extract from PC Jones' journal

This entry from February 1848 reads:
"One sweep wife & 2 childrens. One Earthenware Seller"

Among the other people PC Jones recorded passing through the area were hatters, sweetmeat sellers, razor grinders, sellers of wearing apparel, butter merchants and 2 Latterday Saints preachers.

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