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  Constable Jones' Journal  

The Montgomeryshire Constabulary was set up in 1841. One of the first policemen to serve in the force was P.C. Thomas Jones. Victorian Policeman from MontgomeryshireHe served in Four Crosses and Machynlleth (see his pages in the Machynlleth Crime and Punishment section).
For just a couple of months in 1845/6 he served alongside Constable Owen as the police force for Llanidloes and district.

Like all policemen, P.C. Jones was required to keep a Journal or diary of what he did each day. Every now and again a Sergeant would visit him from Newtown to check his notebook to see if he was doing his duty. The rest of the time he and P.C. Owen worked alone, or took orders from the local Justices of the Peace.

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