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Crime and punishment
  A family dispute  

In January 1846 Constable Jones was called out to deal with a serious family quarrel which ended in violence.
His notebook records an attack on a Mr Edward Gorge by his son. The son might well have been the Edward Gorge who was the landlord at the New Inn, and who was in trouble for allowing drinking on Sunday morning. (see the page on PC Jones' Day).

  extract from the Journal

Under arrest!The incident is recorded in PC Jones Journal:
Assisted Const. Owen to take Edward Gorge to the lock up for Assaulting, beating and cu[t]ting his father about 12 o'clock A.M. Edward Gorge the Elder of Chapel house near Llanidloes.
I accompanied Doctor Jones of this town to the Chappell house by the orders of Mr Gorge. Mr Jones, doctor, examined his wound found he was cut on the left side of the head. Rather in a daingerous [dangerous] state.

The two Llanidloes constables had to help each other when dealing with dangerous situations, as they could not radio for backup in 1846 !


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