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Crime and punishment
  All in a day's work for PC Jones  

The most common entry in PC Jones' journal is "Nothing to report". Just as today, early Victorian Montgomeryshire was peaceful most of the time.
PC Jones did have crimes to deal with though, and jobs to do which he may not always have enjoyed.
The entry below from his journal reads:
"Conveyed Margaret Rowlands and her child to the Union Workhouse, Caersws".

  extract from the Journal

Poor people who could not support themselves because they could not work were locked away in the workhouse. (For more information on the workhouse system go to the Workhouse topic pages)

PC Jones also had to check the local public houses to make sure they were orderly and not serving beer when they shouldn't. He did this regularly, especially on market days and at the weekends.

  extract from the Journal

In this extract PC Jones catches people drinking on Sunday !
"Visiting the public houses on Sunday morning on Church time - Saw three men tippling at the New Inn Public House kept by Ed[ward] Gorge. Found the rest all orderly".

No tippling allowed on a Sunday in respectable Powys !

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