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  Irish people in the area  

Among the poor people moved on by Constable Jones were a group of Irish people. In rural areas like Montgomeryshire it must have been very unusual to come across whole Irish families living rough in the countryside. Irish people worked on the building of canals and railways, but these poor people were desperate.
It was a time of dreadful famine in Ireland and in desperation people sometimes sold everything they had to travel out of Ireland to escape starvation.

PC Jones had come across groups of Irish people when he was stationed in Machynlleth. Like most people in rural areas he was suspicious of strangers, especially foreigners who could not support themselves.

The entry above records what he did when he came across Irish people on the road around Llanerfyl in March 1848. It reads:-
"I remooved [removed] the above mentioned lot of Irish people out of my section [area of responsibility] in the direction of Llanfair".

No doubt when they got to Llanfair Caereinion they were moved on again.

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