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Gough Buildings 7
Pelican Street


map of Pelican StreetLike neighbouring Oddfellows Street, Pelican Street stretched right across the "island" from the canal to the river as can be seen from this 1877 O.S. map. The building at the right hand end of the street marked with a "B" is the Butchers Arms. Across the street from this once stood a grocer's shop,though this has long since gone.At the other end of the street stood a Temperance House.
Photograph from
the collection
of the late
John Morris,
taken in the 1950's
Pelican Street in the 1950's
This photograph of Pelican Street from Brynygroes farm shows the footbridge over the canal from Brynygroes cottages. The roofline of the end cottage is just visible in the foreground.
  Pelican Street in 1998
This photograph, taken from the canal end of the street shows the row as it was at the end of 1998.


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