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Presteigne - The British School 3
Early distractions

  The judges come to town
Further Log Book entries from the early months of the school's existence reveal how difficult it was to ensure a regular attendance when there were other attractions in town.
The visit of the circuit judge to the Shirehall at Presteigne was very much a special occasion involving public officials like the Sheriff of the county in full ceremonial regalia parading through the streets. It is hardly surprising then that the pupils were drawn away by the spectacle.

British School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract 

This extract reads as follows:
"The judge came in town to day, so that several children were absent: explained the Rule of Compound Division to the senior scholars.
The Assizes commenced & finished to day: some of the elder scholars asked leave to stay away for the day: gave the pupils a drawing lesson in the afternoon."

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