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Hereford Street, Presteigne
The British School

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Local concern
In 1858, local worthies - under the auspices of the British and Foreign School Society - were sufficiently concerned at the lack of education in the town to raise subscriptions for the construction of a British School.

The local Baptists, supported by other nonconformist groups, were a driving force behind the move to provide education along non-denominational lines. 

Minute Book

County Archives

Minute book extract 

The Manager's Minute Book for the period records that:

"Resolved that in the opinion of this meeting the State of the Children of this Town and neighbourhood is such that it is highly desirable that some effectual method should be adopted for affording them a sound education based on Christian Principles."

A suitable site in Hereford Street was acquired in 1863 and the school opened in 1868. As with most schools opening around this time there were initial difficulties with discipline and attendence as new habits had to be learned by the young of the town, and opportunities for earning a few much-needed pence elsewhere called them away. 

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