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Education and school life

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The early days
Before the existence of state-provided education, private and charity schools offered the only education available in the town.

Besides John Beddoes' Grammar School (founded 1565), there was a charity school in Presteigne maintained by Thomas Legge, of nearby Willey, in the later 18th century, and other private establishments of varying degrees of effectiveness in the early 19th century.

We know little about what sort of education was provided in these schools, but records do survive for schools founded in Presteigne later in the century and these provide a fascinating glimpse of school life in a small Victorian country town.

Please select from the following list for more information about the history of individual schools:

  British School Hereford Street 
  National School Scottleton Street 
  Iron School off Mill Lane
  John Beddoes' School now in Broadaxe
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