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Bad behaviour

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Boys will be boys
The entry below from the Log Books of the British School for March 1868 indicates that problems of discipline were as common in Victorian times as they are today.
The entry also shows the support the British school received from local nonconformist clergy.

British School
Log Books

County Archives

Extract from school log book "Admitted five more boys to the school
today: Forty two present in the afternoon: Mr Brasted the Baptist Minister called in the afternoon and heard the Senior Class read: one of the boys misbehaved during his presence and I had to punish him for it after he left: he pinched another boy while reading, & thus caused him to laugh: it is the same boy who played the truant, and causes the whole of the disturbance in the school: the work being twice as easy when he is absent: I don’t like to expel him owing to his parents, who are very nice respectable people, & desire me always to do justice to the boy."

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