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Crime and punishment
  Law and order around Victorian Presteigne  

Almost everything changed in Queen Victoria's time, including the ways in which people who broke the law were treated.
Those who were found guilty of various offences were punished less harshly at the end of the Queen's long reign, and prison conditions had become much better.

Some examples of Victorian crime and punishment connected with Presteigne are shown on these pages...

Prisoner in jail
A police force for Radnorshire
Buy your own uniform
Highway robbery in 1848
Five "very dangerous characters" in jail
A case of theft in 1845
A pole thief from Old Radnor
Plans for a Presteigne "Lock-up"
A place to lock up Victorian villains in 1843
Accused of stealing chickens
A woman charged with a fowl deed in 1877
In prison for debt
New prison rules for debtors, 1847
A turnkey for the County jail
Hiring a new jailer in 1848

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