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Crime and punishment
  No police for Radnorshire - yet
  At the meeting of the Quarter Sessions held at Presteigne in January 1844 the idea of forming a police force for Radnorshire was discussed.
The Lord Lieutenant for the County was not keen and nothing was done about it until a later date.
Not expedient - not suitable, or not to any advantage.

Quarter Sessions entry

This entry from the records for 1844 reads:
"The Lord Lieutenant having communicated to the Chairman his opinion that it would not be expedient under existing circumstances to take any steps for the establishment of a Rural Police in this County ..."

Superintendant Constables were appointed a year or two later to look after the lock-ups and to supervise the parish constables. One was employed for Presteigne, and he was paid thirteen pounds a quarter (three months) in 1846.
The Superintendant Constables had a sum of money to buy their clothing, and had to appear at the Quarter Sessions for their new clothing to be inspected and approved !
Just imagine if the police today had to go out and buy their own uniforms !

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Who wants a police force ?
Not me !
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