Victorian Powys for primary  schools
Powys Digital History Project
Victorian school days
  What the school diaries can tell us...  
The typical Victorian
schoolroom shown opposite can be seen
Brecknock Museum
in Brecon.
At the start of the Victorian age most children did not go to school. Wealthy landowners would have their children privately taught at home, and send the older boys away to public school.
The tradesmen in the area would send their children to a local private school if they could afford it.
The children of the poor had to go to work as soon as they were old enough because the family needed the extra money.
By the end of the Victorian period free schools were provided and it was now compulsory for all children to go to school .
These pages show more about the early schools, using quotes from the official Log Books of some local schools...
Victorian classroom
Not at school today
Dealing with bad behaviour
Praise for the children
Walking in the snow and rain
The dangers of disease at school
Money, and the lack of it !
Time for school
Lessons about leopards, llamas and lobsters
Learning how to sew
A treat at the Big House
The Hiring Fair
Teacher has an accident

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