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Victorian school days
  Splendid work from bright, tidy children !

Most Victorian school Log Books or diaries have lots of complaints Victorian schoolboy about children not turning up for school, or behaving badly when they do turn up !
But fortunately they also often have some kind things to say about many of the children, and about their school work.

The entry shown below comes from the Crickhowell British School diary of 1868 -
26th February - "Every pupil, almost without exception, punctual, remarkably tidy, and his home lesson well learned".

Punctual - to arrive at the right time.
26th February
School diary entry
  Although the teacher says "his", he meant the girls as well !
There is another example below, which was written in the Log Book of Llanbedr National School in 1899 -
7th July
School diary entry "Held an Examination in the Infant Class. The children were very bright and did their work splendidly".

Many schools had to get good results in the exams in order to get the full allowance of money to run the school for the next year, so the teachers were probably thankful to get them. They still are today !

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