Victorian school days
  No caning at Nantddu  

Whenever bad behaviour is mentioned in most Victorian school Log Books there is usually an account of the caning which often results. The teacher at Nantddu National School in 1893 wasn't keen on hitting children, though...
This entry from the Log Book says -

23rd June
School diary entry "I sent William Branch home yesterday on account of bad behaviour. He quite destroys the order of the school. He is not defiant or rude to me but constantly moves out of his place or calls out to other boys..."
  The teacher goes on to say that the boy "seems quite unable to restrain himself..."  
23rd June
School diary entry "There appears to be no other method, [I] am quite convinced [that] corporal punishment would have a bad effect and am determined to use it in no way whatsoever..."

Corporal punishment means caning or slapping, which can be a very painful punishment. (Capital punishment means a sentence of death, so it isn't quite as bad as that !)
This teacher's refusal to hit children who misbehaved was fairly unusual, judging by most school Log Books of the time. The example on the next page is much more common...

This teacher didn't mind using the cane...


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