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  Teacher gets tipped out of a dog cart !  

Some of the events mentioned in the Log Books of Victorian schools are more unusual than others. The entry on this page comes from the records of Llanbedr National School for 1877.
It is usually the children who get into scrapes and have accidents - sometimes with very tragic results. This accident was not so serious, and it happened to the head teacher...

22nd November
School diary entry "Was absent from School from Monday until Thursday Afternoon on account of illness caused by being thrown out of a dog-cart. School was kept by the late Mistress".
Drawing by
Rob Davies

The words "the late Mistress" means the lady teacher who used to work at the school - not that she turned up late !

A dog-cart was pulled by a horse or pony, not by a dog !
It was a cart with two large wheels, and back to back seats. Originally they had a box compartment to carry dogs as well. There have been small carts pulled by dogs, but most dogs aren't very keen on the idea !

Drawing of accident

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