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  A summer treat at Glanusk Park  

An exciting event for the children of many early schools was the "treat" or party provided by the family from Glanusk Park estatethe "Big House" of the district. This would be the home of the local gentry or squire.
A summer treat at Glanusk Park seems to have been a regular event for the schools in and around Crickhowell in Victorian times. The Log Book entry shown below is from the Crickhowell British School in 1891.

It's bigger than
our house !
11th August
School diary entry "Today, a treat (Tea party) was given to the children attending all the schools in the district, at Glanusk Park, by Sir Joseph & Lady Bailey. Consequently a holiday was given to children, today".

There are more details in an account of an earlier visit in September, 1877, when "The children were allowed to wander at will over the park and gardens. Football, cricket, swings, etc were freely indulged in. Tea at four o'clock, after which the children played as before". The Log Book also tells us that "the weather was delightfully fine" and that 88 children from the school had been at the party.
There is another account of an 1875 treat for Crickhowell children on the next page...

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