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Watermills 4
Walk Mill, Discoed


Corn and textiles
The exact origins of this mill are uncertain but a map of 1754 indicates a mill on this site approximately two and a half miles west of Presteigne.
At some time between then and a sale of 1808, the mill developed into a small complex of buildings housing a water-powered textiles factory and homes for seven families of workers.

 Walk Mill,
The later corn mill
was housed in
the unpainted
building on the right


Walk Mill, DiscoedPhotograph by
kind permission of
Mr Richard Tucker


A report of the sale in the Hereford Journal in August 1808 reports:
"There will be included in this Lot, a newly erected building adjoining, heretofore used as a manufactory for woollen cloth; containing Fulling Mill, Dye-House, Carding and Spinning machines, Weaver's Looms, with Drying Racks and Workman's Cottages. The mill is abundently supplied with water in the driest season, and may if required be converted into a cornmill at a trifling expense."

At some time in the 1840's it seems that the owners did indeed convert the premises into a corn mill. The Slater's Directory of 1880 indicates that the mill was occupied by Sarah Caldicott. (The Caldicotts seem to have been involved in the running of several mills in the area at different times).
In 1898 the miller was one George Evans.

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