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Watermills 3
Norton Mill, near Presteigne


Recorded in 1336
An account of the Keeper of Radnor Castle from 1336/7 records building work being done on a mill at Norton (roughly a mile and a half to the north and west of Presteigne) though even this may not have been the first mill on the site.

A working mill was recorded there on a map of 1835, and the Tithe survey of 1845 lists the owner as Richard Price and the miller as George Caldicott.

 The mill
was housed on
the right of the
main building


Norton Mill, near Presteigne
  In June 1851 the mill and house (both then thatched) were wrecked by a serious fire despite the desperate efforts of the villagers of Norton and a fire engine from Presteigne.
A local newspaper attested the good character of the miller, Mr Caldicott, and appealed to "the benevolent" to help the family who had lost everything in the fire. The owner, Mr Richard Price, rebuilt the mill and house and the Caldicott family were still in residence in the 1860's. 

The great
spur wheel
at Norton Mill


Spur wheel, Norton Mill Photographs by
kind permission
of Mr Richard Tucker
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