Crime and punishment
A police journal of the 1840's

  A look-out for suspicious persons
The extracts on these pages are taken from the daily Police Journal of a constable based in Montgomery in 1843-44. It is clear that a very close watch was kept on strangers and on locals with a bad reputation. Lodging houses and 'beer shops' were checked on a daily basis.
  Extract from police journal 
County Archives
Extract from police journal

The entry above, for 18th September 1843, reads as follows:
"Lodging Houses - 8 - no Suspicious Persons in the Lodging Houses
Public Houses - 11 - visited the Public Houses and found them all Orderly"

Other entries in the journal show that the public houses and beer shops on his round were not always quite as orderly as on this occasion, as shown on another page.

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