The Boys' County/Grammar School 4
by Clifford Carr

The Second World War and after
The war took a heavy toll of its former pupils; over 30 losing their lives. Three masters left to serve in the forces, the remainder being too old or unfit for service. After the war Prosser Roberts returned to the school, and still retained his reputation as "The Dragon". Other ex-servicemen joined the staff and new ideas developed.


Mr Morgan and his staff around 1945

School staff in 1945In 1950 a determined effort was made by Jacob Morgan and his staff to form an Old Boys Association, and this time it was successful. The school took the lead and did most of the organising until the end of the County/Grammar school era in 1971. The committee consisted of former pupils but successive secretaries were provided by the school. When education became comprehensive in 1971 the recruitment of pupils ended and the "Old Boys" took over the management of the Association. The Association has continued to survive with loyal support from its stalwart supporters, and continues with an annual reunion at Easter time each year.

School cricket team
in 1941

cricket team c.1941
In 1950 a school magazine was introduced. This continued to be published until 1971. It is an outstanding historical record of school life during that period, and a full set of magazines can be seen at the Brecknock Museum. During this time a collection was made from past and present pupils for the creation of the memorial to both world wars referred to earlier.
An annual memorial service was introduced and is still held at the High School each November 11th or nearest school day. All former pupils are welcome.
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