The Boys' County/Grammar School 2
by Clifford Carr

A new Headmaster
In 1909 Percy Morton (right) replaced Nathan John and remained at the school during the very difficult period of the First World War. Percy Morton did not have to move far, as he had previously served as Science and House master at Christ College, Brecon. He turned out to be a strong character who was not afraid to stand up to the Education Authority. He was well liked and a good disciplinarian. He secured a playing field for the boys, obtained a supply of badly needed textbooks, and improved the salaries of the staff.
On one occasion he threatened to kick a School Inspector down the renowned stone steps for abusing one of his staff. He instituted the first end of term outing; a trip by train to Torpantau Station and a walk back to Brecon over the Brecon Beacons.


The Great War
Morton weathered the tragic period of the First World War, during which 34 former pupils and one master lost their lives, a large percentage of the relatively small number of former pupils who had attended the school. These former pupils, tohether with those who scarificed their lives in the Second World War, are commemorated on the war memorial tablet now to be found in the foyer of the present High School. A service is held at the High School each November 11th or nearest school day, to commemorate their great sacrifice. Sadly Mr Morton himself died of illness while still Headmaster in the year 1923.

The school's War Memorial

The school's War Memorial

Click on the image for a list of the former pupils who fell in both World Wars.

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