The Boys' County/Grammar School 3
by Clifford Carr

Dr Ll. WoosnamDr Woosnam
Percy Morton was succeeded as Headmaster in 1923 by Llewelyn Woosnam M.A., D.Phil. He remained at the school until 1929 when he moved on to Howard Gardens High School, Cardiff. During his short stay he introduced the house system at the school. The four houses were named after famous Breconshire people, i.e. Gam, Siddons, Theophilus and Vaughan. The pupils in these houses were to compete against one another in sport and other competitive activities. This system became very popular henceforth, and pupils became very proud of their house. He introduced the Eisteddfod and also appointed prefects to enhance discipline. An 'Old Boys Association' was started in 1926, but unfortunately it was not successful and was abandoned after the first year.
  Rural difficulties
During the 1920's and earlier the school was dogged by financial difficulties, and very few students stayed on to complete the intended four years of study. Rural poverty was the main cause, as boys were expected to start work at an early age to contribute to the family income.
Getting to school was also a problem for those living in the outlying areas. There was only the train service from Talgarth, and this entailed a long school day. Bus services were in their infancy, and many students had to come to school by horse and trap, or on horseback in a few cases. Many had to lodge in Brecon, and this became a further financila burden for poorer families.


Mr Jacob MorganMr Jacob Morgan
On the departure of Dr Woosnam to Cardiff in 1929, Jacob Morgan, M.A. was appointed Headmaster. He was a Welsh speaker from Llangadog in Carmarthenshire. He distinguished himself at Oxford and had served in the army in the Great War. After many teaching appointments he came to Brecon from Taunton School. He remained at Brecon for 25 years. He is remembered as a fatherly figure, greatly respected by staff and pupils. His era was considered by many to be the halcyon days of Cradoc Road School. Apart from the tragedy of World War 2, it was a settled period when the school gained a reputation for academic achievement and sensible discipline. The staff were obviously content as they stayed there for long periods without change.
In 1931 the school was given a new gymnasium and the renowned Prosser Roberts became the P.T. master.
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