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  Nantmel in 1840  

The map below is based on the tithe map of around 1840. It was made by the church authorities for tax purposes.
The men who made it did not put north at the top so we have turned it to make it easier to compare with the later map of Nantmel. This is why the old writing on the map is at an angle.
The map gives us a good idea of the community in the early years of Queen Victoria's reign.

  Nantmel in 1840
  The first thing to notice is just how few houses there are in the village. Like most rural parishes, Nantmel had a scattered population living in farms, smallholdings and cottages. The vast majority of people worked on the land in some way.  

The modern road which bypasses the village is of course not shown. Instead you can see the Seven Stars inn and a small cluster of buildings on either side of the old turnpike road between Rhayader and Crossgates, with St Cynllo's Church high on the bank above.

Compare with Nantmel in 1904...


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