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The Elan Valley dams
  The lost school of Nantgwyllt  
  There are more pictures on this page of some of the local people whose lives were to be changed forever by the huge Victorian waterworks project in the Elan Valley.  
Elan Valley
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Children of Nantgwyllt School

This fascinating photograph was taken in the early 1890s.
It shows the children and teachers of the village school at Nantgwyllt in the Elan Valley.
The whole valley was to be flooded under the Caban reservoir within a few years, and the school was one of a number of buildings to be lost.
Photographs with many thanks to
John Jones of Rhayader
More of the old Nantgwyllt school building can be seen in the photograph on the right. The projecting canopy at the top left of the picture was probably to cover the school bell.
The location of the school is marked on a map section shown on another of these pages - click here to see it.
Nantgwyllt School
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All the buildings in the flooded part of the two river valleys were demolished before the waters covered them, although many people believed that they were still standing underwater !
There are pictures of a wedding at Nantgwyllt in the 1890s on the next page...

A wedding in the valley...


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