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People in Llanfyllin workhouse in 1891


Here are more details of the people in Llanfyllin workhouse at the time of the 1891 national census of the population.

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Currier - A leatherworker
who finishes and colours
tanned leather.
Name and
surname of
each person
Relation to
Head of
Age last
Profession or
Deaf and dumb,
Blind, Lunatic,
Imbecile or Idiot
    Male Female    
Henry Jones Inmate 38   Labourer  
Henry P Owen Inmate 69   Civil Engineer  
Richard M Vay Inmate 67   Currier  
Elizabeth Gittins Inmate   41 Dairymaid  
Martha Hughes Inmate   69 Dairymaid  
Elizabeth Edwards Inmate   72 Housekeeper Lunatic
Elizabeth Watkins Inmate   82 Housekeeper  
Sarah Foulkes Inmate   34 None Deaf and Dumb
Margaret Hughes Inmate   39 None Deaf from childhood
Jane Mason Inmate   18 Dairymaid  
Margaret Williams Inmate   23 Dairymaid  
Elizabeth Jones Inmate   40 Kitchenmaid  
Mary Jones Inmate   34 None Deaf from childhood
Elizabeth Davies Inmate   42 None Lunatic
Eliza Jones Inmate   33 None Lunatic
Sarah Ellis Inmate   37 None Lunatic
Ruth Bailey Inmate   21 Dairymaid  

The last part of the census return of 1891 for the workhouse at Llanfyllin is shown on the next page ...

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