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People in Llanfyllin workhouse in 1891


This is the last page of information about the people who were living in the workhouse at Llanfyllin at the time of the national census of 1891.

Click on the underlined names for more details about them.

Name and
surname of
each person
Relation to
Head of
Age last
Profession or
Deaf and dumb,
Blind, Lunatic,
Imbecile or Idiot
    Male Female    
John Jones Inmate 12   Scholar  
William Jones Inmate 13   Scholar  
John Jones Inmate 6   Scholar  
Lewis Edwards Inmate 9   Scholar  
John Perkins Inmate 13   Scholar  
John Tudor Inmate 7   Scholar  
Hugh Bailey Inmate 8   Scholar  
Thomas Davies Inmate 14   Scholar  
Henry Parry Inmate 11   Scholar  
Enoch Bailey Inmate 1   Scholar  
Charles Tudor Inmate 5   Scholar  
Hosiah Morris Inmate   15 Scholar  
Mary Morris Inmate   12 Scholar  
Elizabeth A Jenkins Inmate   11 Scholar  
Catherine Jones Inmate   13 Scholar  
Richard Williams Inmate 2   Scholar  

This is the last of the census entries for Llanfyllin workhouse.


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