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The workhouse  

People in Llanfyllin workhouse in 1891


This photograph shows some of the inmates of Llanfyllin workhouse around 1890.

Photo of Llanfyllin inmates

Census - from 1841 a census, which records details of everyone in Britain, was carried out every ten years.

Below is a list of people in Llanfyllin workhouse taken from the census return of 1891.

Click on the persons highlighted on the following pages for more information about them from the workhouse records.

Name and
Surname of
each person

Relation to
Head of
Age last
Profession or
Deaf and Dumb,
Blind, Lunatic,
Imbecile or Idiot
    Male Female    
Thomas Aubrey
Head 40   Master of
Mary Jones Wife   42 Matron of
Heber A Son 13   Scholar  
Norah Daughter   10 Scholar  
Ethel M Daughter   8 Scholar  
Mary M Daughter   6 Scholar  
Ellen Davies Nurse   37 Head Nurse  
Jane Jones Nurse   24 Infants Nurse  
John Griffiths Servant 21   Porter  

The people named above were workhouse staff and family members. The list of workhouse inmates starts on the next page ...

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