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People in Llanfyllin workhouse in 1891

  Here are more of the people who were living in Llanfyllin workhouse in 1891 when the census was taken.
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Name and
surname of
each person
Relation to
Head of
Age last
Profession or
Deaf and dumb,
Blind, Lunatic,
Imbecile or Idiot
    Male Female    
John Jones Inmate 76   Labourer  
John Jeffreys Inmate 66   Boatman  
John Mason Inmate 70   Gardener  
Ellis Williams Inmate 63   Labourer  
John Williams Inmate 74   Labourer  
Roger Ellis Inmate 71   Labourer  
John Edwards Inmate 45   Labourer Lunatic
John Roberts Inmate 70   Labourer  
Edward Humphreys Inmate 77   Labourer  
William Gittins Inmate 52   Labourer  
Hugh Griffiths Inmate 76   Labourer  
William Williams Inmate 69   Saddler  
Robert Morris Inmate 84   Labourer  
Archibald Robertson Inmate 30   Labourer Lunatic
John Jones Inmate 84   Labourer  
Ellis Ellis Inmate 63   None  

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